Privacy policy

I do not intend to (1) collect any data of or (2) track anyone that visits my site.

1. Limitations

However, I am not a trained in web development and this is based on a template for static pages. My understanding of web technologies is limited. Hence, there could always be certain services that either I use or the template utilizes that might.

2. Contact

If you want to raise an issue about my site or make a suggestion about how I can do better (e.g. what alternatives I can use) to be respectful (and avoid being a creep) on the internet, please send me an email at tuanhpham[AT]pm[DOT]me, or leave a comment in relevant pages.

3. Hosted services

3.1. Github pages

This site is a static page built with Jekyll and Bulma Clean theme template, with changes to designs.

This is currently hosted with Github Pages.

3.2. Media + Fonts

My fonts are hosted with Github pages. Most of my media are also hosted locally with Github pages, including documents, images and audio.

The only exception currently is videos, which I use the Peertube instance (see section 4.2)

3.3. commentoplusplus +

To facilitate commenting (which I doubt will be used at all), I am hosting commentoplusplus on See more at

  • I set it up so that anyone can comment, leaving only a chosen name or as an anonymous commenter, without any additional information.
  • I disable logging with commentoplusplus and new user registration. So no logging for commentoplusplus.
  • I currently disable moderation, and do not link to any third party services for content moderation.

However, at any point that I see something troublesome, I may have to delete it. Since my blog is an internet deserted island with a population of one shouting into the digital seas, I currently do not have use for content moderation. I will update this if anything changes.

4. Third party services

I will list out third-party services that are used in this site, by looking through ubBockOrigin on my site.

Again, please reach out to me (see contact) if you think my site needs improvement or this page needs more clarification, I will do my best given my limitations.

4.1. jsdelivr, unpkg, katex & academicons

I use, and so that I can call to and include:

This does use Cloudfare. Please see their Privacy notice

4.2. Peertube

Most of my media are hosted on site (documents, images and audios).

However, for videos, I am currently using the Peertube instance For the privacy notice of, please see

4.3. Google Fonts (deprecated)

I actually have local Fira Sans fonts in my assets folder.

Previously, there were some Google Fonts dependencies. But after I use local fonts,, and do not show on uBlockOrigin.

So I think I’m able to remove all Google Fonts dependencies. However, if you spot any residual, please let me know.

5. Changelog

  • Updated on 2023-09-04:
    • Reorganized jsdelivr, unpkg, katex & academicons into a section
    • Added commentoplusplus information for comments
    • Created a section for Github pages
    • Added sections about hosted media + Peertube information for videos
    • Deprecated Google Fonts
    • Added this changelog section