Besides the projects done during rotations and research (see my CV-research section), I occasionally take some courses to broaden my knowlege, which have really fun final projects. Below are some of the final project reports of some of my favorite courses, some with corresponding public course repository (some of them have data from other nonpublic sources or documents related to the courses that I could not make public).

Graduate courses - UofC

  • Networks of ecology and evolution (Spring 2021) (see report, repo)

    Toy model of topic discovery in a simulated social network reveals tradeoff between population and individual topic diversity between “rabbit-hole” versus “recommendation”-based discovery

  • Topological data analysis (Winter 2021) (see report, repo)

    Using TDA to analyze in vivo Purkinje population calcium imaging activity reveals low-dimensional structure under multisensory stimulation

  • Applied dynamical system (Spring 2020) (see report)

    Chaos in random neural networks and the effects of intrinsic bias and gain on the Lyapunov exponents

  • Theoretical Neuroscience: Statistics and Information Theory (Spring 2019) (see report)

    The effects of “attention” in change detection in an artificial recurrent neural network

  • Modeling and Signal Analysis for Neuroscientist (Spring 2019) (no final project)
  • Computational approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience (Winter 2019) (see report)

    Direction decoding from neural data using combined predictors

  • Methods of Computational Neuroscience (Winter 2019) (see different homework notebooks on receptive fields, PCA, GLM, …)

Undergraduate courses - Lehigh

  • BIOS 295 - Introductory Biomolecular Modelling (see report and video above)

    Simulation of bacterial voltage-gated sodium channel and visualization of the sodium cation in the channel pore

  • CSE 398 - Data analytics (see report)

    An amateur attempt at analysis of neuronal network synchrony via calcium imaging in Spark

  • CSE 392 - Biomedical Image Computing & Modeling (see report)

    Electron microscopy neuronal voxel 3D reconstruction