Here are some of my graphics I created in the past and in free time. Since I’m no professional graphics illustrator, most ended up just being more practice, while a few were fortunately used for their original purpose.

Neuro-inspired doodling

These are just some of the neuro-inspired doodles I did in my free time. Hopefully I could develop more sophisticated designs in the future.

I have issues drawing mice

just another minimalistic brain

3 neurons and a spike

gap junction cover art

Phineas Gage tshirt design (co-design w/ others at CAMP Bangalore 2017)

Random doodling

And here are some straight up random.

penguins can fly

penguins helicopter

a random circle

I think it’s a snail

another maybe snail

Inclusio Internship 2015​

During the summer of my freshman year (2015) at Lehigh University, I was fortunate enough to intern at Inclusio in Prague, Czech Republic with 3 other Lehigh students, thanks to the Lee Iaccoca International International Internship program. The program aim was to increase awareness on Romani inclusion in Prague. Here, we worked on creating a Facebook page called Voice of Prague for Equality, mirroring Voices of NY, to highlight discrimination stories in Prague. Another project I was involved was to create a promotional fund-raising video describing Imagion, a multifunctional interactive learning space for a school in Prague 5. Below is a gallery of graphics I made for both projects.

Others from the past

unused from undergrad

from high school